Thursday, October 31, 2013

Stranger Nightmare XII: Terrordrome

For our twelfth Stranger Nightmare -- and the second part of today's Trinity of Terror -- I bring you what can only be described as the best thing since Freddy Krueger fought Jason Vorhees (and totally won, in his own weird way).

Welcome to the Terrordrome, an arena of horrors where both victors and victims include some of the most memorable villains of all time. A free and "homebrewed" retro-style 2D fighting game made by fans for fans, Terrordrome pits classic fright-fest icons like Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, and yes, even Herbert West, against one another in fight after fight to the death. It's pretty much a horror fanatic's wet dream -- er, nightmare.

Thanks to Huracan Project putting some serious effort into the game's development, all of the characters' catchphrases and movements feel stripped straight from their source material. So, rather than being an average game with cookie cutter fighting moves and familiar faces copy-pasted Frankenstein-style onto typical martial artists' bodies, Terrordrome really feels like the ultimate showdown (of ultimate destiny) between all the greatest movie monsters. My favorite moments are the most nostalgic ones, like Freddy's arm suddenly reaching all the way across the screen to hit a foe with a surprise slash, or Herbert summoning up a re-animated corpse (yes, that re-animated corpse) to attack enemies with his surprisingly deadly intestines. It really is the little things, you know?

It's not a perfect creation -- for one thing, the controls for whatever reason appear to be shot to hell (since when is "T" the select button?) -- but damn it, it's Halloween, and this is a free ticket to the horror fan's version of heaven. Go ahead, download it. You know you want to.

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